We color the world with vegetables and fruits

StC stands for doing business directly with the source: Source to Consumer. All year round we supply you with fresh, high-quality vegetables and fruit anywhere in the world. We are strong in negotiating between supply and demand in the market. With our professional team we want to get the best from the market and ourselves every day, so we can offer you optimum service with a fresh product!


Day after day we select the best quality products for you. We put ourselves into your feet, and when there is no ready-made solution we create one. We focus on recognising market opportunities missed by others. Day after day we want to get the best out of you and ourselves!


We supply a transparent product in a transparent market. Our aim is to conduct trade fairly. We have introduced these standards and values in the total chain of our business. We are transparent towards the source and towards you about the origin of the fresh product. At STC you can rely on our fairness!


StC is your partner if you are looking for a fresh, good-quality product all year round. We would like to invest in a long-term relationship with you. A relationship you can build on and rely on. StC is your specialist in fresh produce!

Our vision is to contribute to a better world!

What drives us is the ability to contribute to a better world on the basis of our success. Profit is not a goal but a means to add colour to someone else’s world. We want to be useful, as “giving and helping” brings most happiness.

Our foundation is an extension of this. The foundation’s purpose is to combat poverty, while reaching out especially to children. We collaborate with projects and a foundation involved in practical work in the field.

We believe it is important that we are a transparent, reliable trading partner to you. To achieve this, a committed team with the right motivation is important.

By making the most of the talents of our staff we can consolidate their commitment and motivation. We challenge our staff to think in terms of opportunities and solutions. We want to identify disagreements and we want us to remain transparent in our communication to each other. This means you are always dealing with a professional, motivated team willing to go the extra mile for you.

Your specialists

Jan van der Kaden

Jan van der Kaden

Jan is the originator and founder of STC International BV. The organisation has evolved from his passion for trading in vegetables and fruit. He also has the ambition to make the world a slightly better place. Colour the world!

Jan can be contacted at: jan@stcint.eu and +31 174 752 952.

A fruit and vegetable trader in heart and soul!

Maurice Langeslag

Maurice Langeslag

Because of his many years of experience in the fruit and vegetable sector, Maurice has been able to build up a broad network. He is responsible for the German-speaking countries.

Maurice can be contacted at: maurice@stcint.eu and +31 174 952 951.

Maurice Veesenbeek

Maurice Vleesenbeek

Maurice has been active in the fruit and vegetable sector from a very early age. He specialises in trading with the Scandinavian countries.

Maurice can be contacted at: m.vleesenbeek@stcint.eu and +31 174 952 957.

Max Kryeziu

Key Accountmanager

Max lives in Sweden. His specialty is doing business in Retail.

Max can be contacted at: max@stcint.eu and +46 73 532 5023.

Nick van der Wel

Nick van der Wel

Nick is the spider in the web at the commercial department. He organises everything to deliver the products at the right place at the right time.

Nick can be contacted at: nick@stcint.eu and +31 174 952 955.

Pieter van Berkel

Head of Finance

Pieter is responsible for the accounts at StC International B.V. He can be contacted at: max@stcint.eu and +31 174 752 956.

Joan van der Kaden

Joan van der Kaden

Joan is responsible for smooth, faultless operations at STC. She also has a passion for adding more colour to the world. Joan is the foundation’s contact person.
She can be contacted at: joan@stcint.eu and +31 174 952 958

Thomas Brugman

Thomas likes the dynamic world of Vegetables and to have contact with people from all over the world.

Thomas can be contacted at: t.brugman@stcint.eu and +31 174 952 960.

We are your specialist in fresh produce!





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