We want to add colour to the world


STC’s vision is to add colour to the world for others. By means of STC’s success we want to contribute to making the world a slightly better place. The foundation’s purpose is to combat poverty, while reaching out especially to children.

The foundation establishes a link between the corporate sector and people who badly need that colour in their life. It seeks to cooperate with parties involved in practical work in the field.

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Fair Trade

Transparency is a core value of STC. In order to be transparent, it is important that we select our partners carefully. We look at how a business operates. We like to cooperate with partners with socially responsible business practices. We obviously will not work with parties engaging in the violation of human rights, such as child labour and human trafficking.

Good employment practices

A healthy, inspiring working environment has been created for the staff at STC. We believe it is important to create a safe environment.where everyone feels comfortable. Each employee’s progress is monitored, and a training budget is available to support professional staff development.

Vitality is a subject that is considered very significant at STC. In our opinion healthy food is important. A healthy lunch, which includes vegetables, is therefore provided every day. Fruit and dried fruit are freely available. In addition, staff can weekly take part in joint sport boxing training at the location.

STC also organises various staff parties and gifts, for example at Easter, Saint Nicholas Eve and Christmas.