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01-05-24 | Organic products

Our certificate for importing, distribution and storage of organic vegetables, fruits and herbs has been extended. 
The certificate is valid until 01-01-2026, click here for our Organic certificate.


14-07-23 | Organic products

Our certificate for importing, distribution and storage of organic vegetables, fruits and herbs has been extended. 
The certificate is valid until 31-12-2024, click here for our Organic certificate.

24-05-23 | Unannounced audit IFS 

On May 16-17, LRQA verified the IFS standards through an unannounced audit. Both certificates were once again obtained at a higher level. 

IFS Broker: 100%
Scope: import and wholesale of fresh fruits, herbs and vegetables. 

The certificate is valid until 11-07-2024
Click here for our Broker certificate.

IFS Food:  98,81%
Scope: Sealing of cucumbers in PP foil and packing of bell peppers in cardboard trays with banderol.

The certificate is valid until  02-08-2024

Click here for our Food certificate.
03-10-22 | Organic certificate 

In order to be able to provide customers with organic fruit and vegetables, StC has been certified by BIO Skal. Scope: import, distribution and storage of organic vegetables, fruits and herbs. The certificate is valid until 31-12-2023, click here for our BIO certificate

28-08-22 | QS Wholesale

In August ’22 we’ve also implemented: QS Wholesale. Our QS certificate is valid until 07-08-2024; You can find our certificate here: QS certificate.

15-08-22 | IFS Broker & IFS Food 

The IFS Broker certificate has again been achieved at higher level. Because of our new process: the sealing of cucumbers, we have replaced IFS logistics with IFS Food. This certificate was also obtained at a higher level. The certificates are valid until 17-08-2023

Click to see the new certificates: IFS Broker 22-23 | IFS Food 22-23

23-06-21 | IFS Logistics & Broker

On June 22th, StC International once again achieved its IFS Broker certificate at higher level.

In addition, due to our own warehouse, we recently implemented IFS Logistics. This standard was audited on June 23th and we have achieved it also at higher level.

The new certificates are expected within 6 weeks. When we receive them, we will make the certificates online available.

Certificates:    IFS Broker 21-22 | IFS Logistics 21-22 

Audit results:   IFS Broker | IFS Logistics

10-03-21 | New location & warehouse

As you know, we have now moved to Honselersdijk.

Monday, March the 15th, we will start setting up and managing our own warehouse. Fruits & vegetables that are not delivered directly,  can be temporarily stored and shipped here.

Food safety is very important to us, we are a certified IFS Broker. Because of the new warehouse, we have also implemented the IFS Logistics standard. The audits of this will take place in April and June ‘21; we expect the new certificate in July / August.

If – despite the implementation – you do not want your products to be stored before we have received our certificate,

you can indicate this by e-mail to:

05-06-20 | IFS Broker extended

StC International is a certified IFS Broker. Due to the Corona outbreak, our annual audit was moved from March to May. The certificate expired on: 17-05-20, but has been extended by 6 months due to the delayed audit.

We have now passed on higher level again. We expect to receive the new certificate before the 17th of June 2020. If desired, you can also check our COID (61158) on the IFS Website

–>  Download our latest IFS Broker certificate HERE <–

> Information Standards <

StC adheres to the standards of IFS Broker, IFS Food, Skal Biocontrol and QS Wholesale. These standards enhance our progessional approach to food safety. External, accredited parties conduct annual audits to verify compliance with these standards.

IFS Food & Broker

Bio Skalcontrole (organic) 

QS | Qualitat und Sicherheit 



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