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De Lier, 05-06-2020

StC International is a certified IFS Broker. Due to the Corona outbreak, our annual audit was moved from March to May. The certificate expired on: 17-05-20, but has been extended by 6 months due to the delayed audit.

We have now passed on higher level again. We expect to receive the new certificate before the 17th of June 2020. If desired, you can also check our COID (61158) on the IFS Website

–>  Download our latest IFS Broker certificate HERE <–

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As supply chain globalization grows, raw materials and products continue to be sourced in new ways and from different sources. Brokers, agents, and importers are an integral element in bringing producers and retailers together.

IFS Broker was created to ensure the safety and quality of products filling the gap between production and distribution. Trading partners expect broker, agents, and importers to communicate their product requirements to manufacturers and that these specifications will be understood and implemented.

The standard checks the engaged parties to ensure that they have implemented appropriate measures in their service so that their suppliers operate in accordance with product safety and quality requirements. Brokers, agents, and importers must also monitor their supplier’s compliance with these issues so that supplied products meet regulatory and contractual specifications.

As you know, StC International attaches great importance to quality assurance and specifically food safety. StC International is IFS Broker certified and we only work with regular suppliers who are at least Global G.A.P. and GFSI certified.

All our products meet at least the EU legislation regarding food safety and together with our suppliers we have ensured that if there are customer-specific (and extra-legal) requirements with regard to food safety, these requirements are met. This ensures Food Safety from producer to end customer. By means of this webpage we want to inform you specifically that the chain (supplier, logistics service provider)  is not 100% IFS guaranteed.

If you would like more information, please e-mail:

| Chapters IFS Standard

  • Senior management responsibility
  • Quality and product safety management system
  • Resource management
  • Planning and services process
  • Measurements, analysis, improvements
  • Product defense.


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IFS Broker certificate StC International exp. 28-06-21

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