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First-class quality, food safety and reliability are permanently high priorities for our brands.




QROWN® is the exclusive trademark of StC International. QROWN stands for quality, reliability and food safety; our most important values as supplier in vegetables grown in greenhouses and the open ground and citrus fruit. The suppliers of our QROWN products meet the highest quality requirements in terms of cultivation, production, plant health and food safety. QROWN only deals with the crown jewels among the greenhouse vegetables, grown in Morocco and Poland for different sales channels, such as retail, wholesale and hospitality.

Are you a supplier or customer who is interested in QROWN? We would like to tell you more about our exclusive brand! Call our sales team on +31 174 75 29 50 or send an email to info@stcint.eu.



We are the proud, exclusive dealer in the new, sustainable Johannes packaging line. Because we, like Johannes, believe that the time has come for a different approach to packaging.


“The time has come for completely natural packaging with a sustainable appeal. Each type of fully recyclable packaging produced by Johannes is a friendly eye-catcher that makes both you and nature happy!”


Sustainability is an important pillar of StC International. Together we’ll make the world a slightly better place. We do this in different ways, such as our cooperation with Johannes: a strong brand with a positive story. The high-quality products of Johannes have been made from 100% recyclable material and they are practical, easy to use and catch the eye. With an extensive range of bowls and baskets, large and small, Johannes has the right packaging for each type of product.

Besides the use of the ready-made, durable packaging, it can also be sold under ‘private label’.

Ask our sales team for the possibilities. Call +31 174 75 29 50 or send an email to info@stcint.eu. Or look for more information on the website Johannes.

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