How many reasons do you need to work with StC?

STC stands for doing business directly with the source: Source To Consumer. All year round we supply you with fresh, high-quality vegetables and fruit anywhere in the world. We are strong in negotiating between supply and demand in the market. With our professional team we want to get the best from the market and ourselves every day, so we can offer you optimum service with a fresh product!

Short lines means always fresh products

At StC you are always guaranteed to get fresh vegetables, vegetables grown in the open ground and citrus fruit. Our emphasis is on day and week trade, which makes it easy to take advantage of the quickly changing demand. And short lines contribute to good quality.

You only need one supplier

StC has a large network of producers for a broad range of products. Greenhouse vegetables, vegetables in the open ground or citrus fruit: we know the growers who are reliable and grow their crops according to the strictest standards. By choosing the Netherlands, Spain and Morocco as the most important production countries, the supply lines remain short. This means you have one point of contact for a complete package. All year round!

More service, more commitment

How customer focused do you want us to be? We are an accessible, flexible supplier. No effort is too great for us, not even when you have a last-minute request. Such personal service is typical of StC. And we are also committed to growers. We invest in relationships that last for many years. That means we can count on our producers..

Large and reliable network

The vegetable and fruit trade is often about making the most of opportunities, which you can only do when you are not tied to fixed suppliers. STC uses a large network of growers who have a good reputation and deliver quality, without the obligation to buy their complete supply. This maintains flexibility in the chain. You determine what you want to buy. This also gives you the certainty you get a complete package, with a high level of availability and of a good quality.

Assurance about food safety

Food safety should never be in any doubt. STC gives you that guarantee. National and international rules, such as certification under Global GAP, are always prioritised. We make no concessions in terms of quality.

Your specialists

Jan van der Kaden

Managing Director
Jan can be contacted at: and +31 174 231 417 / +31 623 210 942
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Joan van der Kaden

HR Manager
Joan can be contacted at: and +31 174 752 950 / +31 651 581 196
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Maurik Molenaar

Operationeel Manager
Maurik can be contacted at: and +31 174 752 950 / +31 651 858 763
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Peter Fes

Peter can be contacted at: and +31 174 752 951 / +31 682 057 176
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Piet Voskamp

Sr. Accountmanager
Piet can be contacted at: and +31 174 231 400 / +31 174 423 400
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Marek Knop

Head of Sales
Marek can be contacted at: and +31 174 752 953 / +48 668 331 110
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Andrzej Knop

Key Accountmanager & Sourcing
Andrzej can be contacted at: and +48 735 916 404
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Fleur Verbeek

Fleur can be contacted at: and +31 174 752 959 / +31 651 044 389.
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Laura Slektaviciute

Laura can be contacted at: and +31 174 752 951 / +31 652 556 032
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Stef van der Velden

Jr. Accountmanager
Stef can be contacted at: and op +31 174 231 415 / +31 686 880 282
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Jonathan van Vliet

Sales Support
Jonathan can be contacted at: and +31 174 231 416 / +31 682 246 619
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Maya Korpershoek

QA Manager
Maya can be contacted at: and +31 174 752 955
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Peter Roelofsen

Quality Control
Peter can be contacted at: and +31 174 752 950
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Peter Veenman

Director Sourcing
Peter can be contacted at: and +31 6 1350 6459
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