Growers and sources

STC offers the customer a complete range of fresh vegetables and fruit. Part our products is supplied by our growers. Together with the grower we determine the strategy to the end customer. All STC growers supply the best quality under their own brand.

Nieuwkoop Paprika's BV

Grown with love and that’s what you taste!

Paprika Nieuwkoop is a family business. They have been cultivating peppers for decades. With great enthusiasm and passion, Pascal, Joeri and father Geert van de Sande have expanded the nursery into a modern glasshouse utility  of 10 hectares. The peppers are harvested from the beginning of March to the end of November.

Transparency, reliability and quality are values that Nieuwkoop Paprika’s and StC share with each other. Based on these values, we are building a future together. StC advises Nieuwkoop Paprika’s and takes care of the sales and distribution activities. 

Food safety is an important  issue for Nieuwkoop Paprika. That is why they are Global Gap, GRASP, Tesco Nurture and Planet Proof certified.


Fresh From RED-KES

Red-Kes have developed the nursery into an innovative greenhouse farm of over 7 hectares. The farm grows the Merlice, a large truss tomato. The harvesting period is between mid-March and the end of November. Red-Kes holds a Global GAP certificate. Food safety is a priority.

STC gives advice to Red-Kes and helps it market the large truss tomatoes. The premium brand is called Red-Kes. This brand has been developed and positioned in the market in partnership with STC. STC holds the exclusive right of the Red-Kes brand.

Website Red-Kes


STC has a large network of producers for a broad range of products. Greenhouse vegetables, vegetables in the open ground or citrus fruit: we know the growers who are reliable and grow their crops according to the strictest standards. By choosing the Netherlands, Spain and Morocco as the most important production countries, the supply lines remain short. This means you have one point of contact for a complete package. All year round! 

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StC International is open to new sources and (greenhouse) vegetable suppliers.

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