Growers and sources

StC offers the customer a complete range of fresh vegetables and fruit. Part our products is supplied by our growers. Together with the grower we determine the strategy to the end customer. All StC growers supply the best quality under their own brand.

Arthur van Geest Komkommers

Arthur van Geest comes from a true entrepreneurial family and took over the business in 2000. He is supported by a varying number of employees, depending on the season.

“If you plant in the summer, you’ll have production within three weeks. And you see exactly what you’re doing; if you’re doing something right or wrong in cultivation, you’ll notice it very quickly,” says Arthur. He aims for the highest possible cucumber yield, excellent quality, and as sustainable cultivation as possible. All of this, of course, at a responsible cost.

The cultivation is certified with GLOBALG.A.P.


Fresh From RED-KES

Red-Kes is an innovative greenhouse company spanning over 7 hectares. At RedKes nursery, the robust vine tomato variety Merlice is cultivated. The harvest period runs from mid-March to late November. RedKes holds Global Gap certification, emphasizing food safety.

StC advises and supports Red-Kes in marketing the robust vine tomatoes. The premium brand is named Red-Kes, developed and positioned in the market in collaboration with StC. StC holds exclusive rights to the Red-Kes brand.

Website Red-Kes


StC has a vast network of producers for a variety of products. Whether it’s greenhouse vegetables, field vegetables, or citrus fruits, we know reliable growers who adhere to strict standards.

By selecting the Netherlands, Spain, Morocco, Poland, Turkey, Israel, Egypt, and Italy as key production countries, supply lines remain short. This means you only need one point of contact for a complete package, year-round!

Considering Supplier Opportunities?

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